Accesa Lake

Lago dell?Accesa formed in a karst depression of cavernous limestone dating from around 220 million years ago. It arises from underground sources and its only effluent, the river Bruna, flows into the Tyrhennian Sea. It has a maximum depth of around 37.6 m. Thanks to its fish stocks, consisting of carp, tench, pike, chub, perch, bleak, eel and trout, the lake is also a reserve for the Italian Sports Fishing Federation. The animals are typical of the Maremma area and include: wild boars, porcupines, badgers, hares, foxes and roe deer. Standing out among the birds are the harrier eagle (Circaetus gallicus) and buzzard. Also bearing witness to the untouched nature of the setting is the presence of numerous species of amphibians, among the most important: the green Italian frog, common toad and green toad. Among the reptiles: the coluber, ringed snake, green lizard, lizard and the four-lined snake, famous for its great size. Another very important specimen is the tortoise (Testudo Hermanni), typical to this area.

Near the lake there is an interesting archaeological site where recent excavations have brought to light an Etruscan settlement comprising the remains of houses and a necropolis; the objects found are now in the archaeological museum in Massa Marittima. The archaeological site is located in a dense wood of oak, ilex and flowering ash. The other local trees and shrubs are: cork, downy oak, laurel, lentisk, heather, myrtle and rosemary.



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